Thursday, March 31, 2011

Irish Research Network on Alternative Spiritualities and New Religious Movements (IRNAS)

This network, launched together with Ireland's new religious movements on March 30th 2011, brings together researchers at all stages of their careers who are objectively examining the field of alternative spiritualities and New Religious Movements in Ireland across academic disciplines. The network has been formed in response to the need evident for such an organisation following the “Alternative Spiritualities, the New Age and New Religious Movements in Ireland” interdisciplinary conference held at NUI Maynooth in 2009.

The aim of the network is to support each other, create networking opportunities and to provide expertise to the wider community. Over the coming year the network hopes to provide members with

  • Updates on upcoming conferences / calls for papers
  • List of member expertise for media contact / statutory body liaisons / educational work
  • Areas of interest in relation to postgraduate supervision
  • Annual seminar / workshops
  • Yearly online publication
  • Opportunities for members to seek research partners and share information

Being part of the network will allow members to be part of the broader community of researchers working in this area. Our mailing list will enable members to keep each other up to date on the latest funding, research, conference and publication opportunities in the area of alternative spiritualities and New Religious Movements. Our website will provide a public platform making the expertise of those members who choose to be listed available to statutory bodies, media contacts, educational requests and potential postgraduate students. This is a research network to advance understanding, provide information, to provide support and access to others in the research community rather than a place to debate the truth or religious value of particular religious beliefs or practices.

To join please contact Olivia Cosgrove, giving the following details:

  • Full name and title
  • Institutional affiliation (if any) and email address
  • Area(s) of research interest
  • Are you willing for your details to be included in the online list of member expertise?
  • If so, are you in a position to supervise postgraduate students?