Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Evening lecture changes

Prof. Paul Heelas, one of our two guest speakers, has
had to cancel for personal reasons. We are happy to
announce that Dr Carmen Kuhling has kindly agreed to
step into her shoes.

Dr Kuhling is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the
University of Limerick and Ireland's leading researcher
on the New Age, having published among others "The New
Age Ethic and the Spirit of Postmodernity".

Her lecture, entitled "From the parish hall to the
shopping mall: consumption and re-enchantment in
post-Celtic Tiger Ireland", will take place on Friday
evening at 8 pm.

Prof. Barker's lecture, "Cults, sects and / or new
religions: 'Curioser and curioser!' cried Alice.
'Well, yes and no,' replied the sociologist…",
will now take place on Saturday evening, also at 8 pm.

Both lectures are open to the public and can be attended
separately from the main conference. Admission (on the
door) is €15 or €10 for students, unwaged etc. with ID.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.